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A client starts a new business. Sales might exceed $1,000,000 at the end of the second year. The business has a slim profit margin.

The client wants my help with an S Corporation that he wants to form.


The client wants to keep most of the income in the business to boost growth. If the client uses an S Corp, the S Corp's income will be taxed on his Form 1040, but the S Corp will not be distributing him any cash. He will not be able to pay his taxes on April 15.


The corporation should be a C Corporation. For low levels of income, the corporation is taxed at a very low rate. Distributions to the shareholder can be in the form of dividends that are only taxed at 15%.

LLC? Using an LLC is not a tax decision. Single member LLCs can be either taxed as Schedule Cs (sole proprietorships), C Corporations or S Corporations.


This is a complicated decision. Tax professionals often use software like the C Vs. S Corporation Analyzer or the S Corporation Vs Partnership/LLC/Sole Proprietorship Analyzer.