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David M. Kaufmann, CPA

Voice: 720.493.4804


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1466 Adobe Falls Way
Fruita, CO 81521

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PO Box 700
Fruita, CO 81521-0700

Steps that we take when preparing your tax return:

  1. We will send or email you a tax organizer.  You save lots of  time when you use this organizer.  The organizer also helps us find deductions for you.   To receive an organizer from us, call 720-493-4804.  Our Organizer Webpage has a copy of our generic organizer.  We will also send a standard engagement letter and other information.
  2. Fill out the organizer as best you can.  Think of the organizer as a time saving device for you.  The organizer is not a test!  If there is something in the organizer that you don't understand, put a question mark by it so we can discuss it.

  3. Call us to schedule an appointment at 720-493-4804.  In the appointment let us know whatever questions you might have.  We will use the tax organizer to hunt for legitimate tax deductions.

  4. If the information is complete, we will prepare your tax returns.  This is typically done over a week or two.  During this time, it is not unusual for us to call or email you if we have any questions about your information.

  5. When we have completed the tax return we will setup an appointment with you to go over the tax return.  During the appointment, we will discuss items that have come to our attention.

  6. Once you are satisfied with the tax return, if your return qualifies for electronic filing, we will electronically file your tax returns.





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